#TCCFam: Tyasha Adams Roberts

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Meet Tech Advisor Tyasha Adams Roberts who shows us that you can do more than just sell phones at work. Working in wireless retail means that fixing someone's phone could be saving hundreds of memories that can't be replaced.

TyashaRobertsName: Tyasha Adams Roberts

Title: Tech Advisor 

How long have you worked for TCC? 4 years

What's your favorite part of your job? I am a people person and I love to work with people. My biggest passion is working in the community! The Culture of Good Projects are what I enjoy being involved with, like the Teachers Rock campaign. I have gone to the same elementary school to deliver the boxes to every year. This year, I actually had a few teachers cry tears of joy about our donation and had some of the students give me a hug. To see the excitement on their faces is priceless.

Favorite customer story: I had a customer very upset about her phone not working. She needed to get a new phone and wanted everything transferred over from the old phone. Well, she didn’t know the Apple ID information anymore. Then she started to cry. I gave her a moment, then her and I started to talk. I soon found out that her husband had recently passed away and there were pictures and voicemails of her husband on the old phone that she really wanted to keep. So to make a long story short, I took the time out to get her Apple ID password reset and saved the pictures via the cloud for her, as well as sending the voice messages over to her email and put in the voice memos as a backup. She was very happy that I took the time to do these things for her.

Guilty pleasure song: Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing gonna be all right.......Bob Marley’s song One Love. I love Reggae music. It’s in my soul and in my heart!!

Favorite nonprofit: My favorite nonprofit would have to be Night Angels. A friend of mine started the organization 6 years ago. Night Angels gives back to the community with donations. Anything from donated prom dresses recently to female students who could not afford a dress. Food drives, clothing to people living in the streets, passing out food to people. Christmas wish lists to children. Helping out people who are displaced. Also clothing and items for children, women and men. 


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