This week, meet #TCCFam Elizabeth Beitz! She shares her favorite parts about her job and a little bit about herself.

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#TCCFam member Andrew Watson shares his incredible story that reminds us how well our phones really do keep us connected.

Name: Andrew Watson

Title: TA

How long have you worked for TCC: 1.5 years

Favorite thing about the company as a whole: I love the focus on making a better community. Out of all the places I have worked, I have never met a company so passionate about a better tomorrow for everyone. We don't just focus on one fundraiser; we focus on anything that helps someone whether it's a local organization or a worldwide fundraiser. Every day I come in, I don't feel like it's just another day at work. It's another day to help my community grow more.

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Did you miss us? #TCCFam is back, baby! This week, we're featuring our Store Manager Bobby Doyle. 

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If you've visited our corporate office in Carmel, you might have had the pleasure of meeting Jessica when you arrived. Read more to learn her favorite things about being a part of the #TCCFam. 

Name: Jessica Rennard

Title: HR Assistant/Office Manager

Department: Human Resources

How long have you worked for TCC: 2 years

Favorite thing about the company as a whole: CULTURE! TCC is unlike many other businesses. We truly care about people and the planet. With random giveaways, employee engagement, academics and even down to our personal health, Scott and Julie Moorehead have gone above and beyond for their employees and I couldn't imagine working anywhere else.

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Meet Addy Draper, #TCCFam member of the week. Her favorite part about working here? Being able to help people get the most out of the devices they interact with every single day. 

First and Last Name: Addy Draper

Title: Store Manager

How long have you worked for TCC?: 5 years

Favorite part about working for TCC: I love that I feel like I'm part of a big family working here. Whether I call a store in my district or outside of my district, anyone is ready and willing to help me with any questions.

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Store Manager Jim Tollman shares his favorite things about working for TCC. Plus, be sure to read one of the most interesting customer story submissions we've seen yet.

Name: Jim Tollman

Title: Store Manager, 1 year and 8 months

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Meet Tech Advisor Tyasha Adams Roberts who shows us that you can do more than just sell phones at work. Working in wireless retail means that fixing someone's phone could be saving hundreds of memories that can't be replaced.

Name: Tyasha Adams Roberts

Title: Tech Advisor 

How long have you worked for TCC? 4 years

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Name: Jason Wilkinson

Title: Regional Director, Eastern Ohio

How long have you worked for TCC?: 12 Years

Thinking in terms of the company as a whole, what's your favorite part about TCC? My favorite part of TCC is that I can come to work and be me. It's one of the best things that this company is about. Just be you and be human. I don't have to come to work or talk to my people any different than if it was one of my friends or family members. When following the 5 promises, Authentic really stands out for why I love working for TCC.

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Meet Tony Chiancone, our #TCCFam feature this week! Every Monday, we introduce you to one of our amazing employees. 

Name: Tony Chiancone

Title: Regional Director, Great Lakes

Years worked for TCC: 10 

Best thing about working for TCC: The best part about TCC is being a part of all the change and growth over the last 10 years. While not everything is perfect, I'm so proud to be a part of it.

Favorite product: For me, it's Qmadix Liquid Glass. Such a better option. 

Hopes for the company in 2018: I want the company

to continue their growth and continue the change needed to stay on top in this industry so that myself, my family, and my team can continue to grow!

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This week, meet store manager Komal Pitney and learn why she's #TCCFam!

Name: Komal Pitney

Title: Store Manager

Years worked for TCC: 8 years

Favorite part about TCC: The best part about TCC is being part of a huge family that cares about my growth and development. TCC has a lot to offer, I'm not just an employee or a number, I feel like I truly matter.

Hopes for the company this year: My hopes for the company in 2018 is to bring my store to another level of success! I want my store to be very well known in the community. We are known for our best customer service in town!

Best memory: I have two best memories of TCC, the first one is when I got hired in. I moved from another country and this was the first job I applied for and got an interview and was offered the job almost on the spot. No one else took a chance on me, but TCC did. 

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Every Monday we bring you a new member of our staff, aka our #TCCFam. This week, meet Dylan Lease!

Name: Dylan Lease

Title: Tech Advisor; 8 months

Best part about TCC: The best part about TCC is that there's always support for employees when we need it, from my coworkers to IT or even other stores -everyone likes helping everyone!

Favorite product: My favorite product is Redux. I love how it's able to save all of the personal information and cherished memories on someone's phone. Seeing their face when they can get their phone back working is amazing!

Favorite TCC memory: My favorite memory is when we brought the Teachers Rock care kits to the local school last month. Seeing how appreciative they were that they can go a little longer without having to spend their own money on school supplies was pretty great.

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Meet Kris Wolbeck, our #TCCFam feature this week! 

Name: Kris Wolbeck

Title: Store Manager; 4 years

Favorite product? I love the Backpack Giveaway. It brings our community together and offers things to those who may need a little extra help. I also appreciate the 401(k) and health benefits offered to us and our families.

Best TCC memory? My best memory was in 2016 when I was one of the top 16 employees of the year and was brought on stage. It certainly made me feel appreciated.

Any hidden talents? I bake wedding cakes, pies and cookies professionally. I'm told that I'm a great speaker.

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This week's #TCCFam member is Dan LeBlanc, Sales & Operations VP. Learn why Dan loves TCC and what his favorite product currently is. 

First and Last NameDan LeBlanc

Department NameSales & Operations


Years worked for TCC2

Favorite Part About TCC: The people! I love working around a team of people that is focused on working to achieve common goals and objectives. But it is not just about results here. The people at TCC genuinely care about one another.

Favorite TCC Product: Right now, my favorite product is the Google Pixel. 

Best TCC memory: We have recently promoted two store managers to regional director roles in the Southeast, highlighting the fact that significant opportunity remains at TCC for leaders that are focused on generating great results and working to build successful teams around them.

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We want to introduce you to Logan Frederick this week, one of our talented store managers. 

Name: Logan Frederick

Title: Store Manager; 2 years and 9 months

Favorite part about TCC: Our Culture of Good! The emphasis we put on giving back to the community that we live in is pretty awesome. The backpack giveaway we do every year is one of the coolest things to be a part of. The kids love it and the families appreciate all the help they can get with school supplies and finances. Plus, our Culture of Good doesn't just stop at giving back to the community, but it also includes our Culture of Good inside of the company. I can say that this company truly cares about its employees and everyone cares for one another. So my favorite part about TCC is our Culture of Good and everything it entails.

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It's time for our weekly #TCCFam feature! This week, meet our store manager, Adam.

Name: Adam Foust

Title: Store Manager; 3 years

Best part about TCCCulture of Good. I fell in love with COG as soon as I started working here. Every event I've done has been a lot of fun and we've helped a bunch of people in the process.

Favorite product: Redux is my favorite. It's innovative and exclusive. 

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We're back at Corporate for our fourth week of #TCCFam. This week, meet Molly Fields!

Name: Molly Fields

TitleDirector of Operational Support; 8 years

Best part about TCCThe best part about TCC is the casual environment! You are relaxed at work and it helps it to feel like a home away from home. The casual culture ignores hierarchy and meets the needs of the individual. I love coming to work and seeing my friends!

Favorite TCC productMy favorite TCC product right now are the connect home products. I purchased a Google Home and a myQ Chamberlain smart garage door. Both products make my life easier and less stressful. No more leaving my garage door open all day or night!

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On week two of #TCCFam, we want to introduce you to one of our employees of the month, Scott Peterson! No, not that Scott Peterson.

Name: Scott Peterson

TItle: Business Analyst Lead; 7 years and 3 months

Best part about TCC: Me, obviously. But in seriousness, the people. I love who I work with and know that I am coming to work with a team that is both fun and dedicated.

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To kick off 2018, we wanted to formally welcome you into the TCC Family. Each week, the spotlight will be on a different member of our team and you'll get to learn a little bit about them first-hand. First up: meet one of our fearless leaders, Jason Buck.

: Jason Buck

Title: VP of Marketing; 5 years

Best part about TCC: The family atmosphere -it's a comfortable, supportive, and fun work environment.

Favorite product: Google Home has been a highly used product in our home. We use it all the time in the central gathering place for our family -the kitchen. It's like part of the family now. I'm also a big fan of Bluetooth speakers. I use mine all the time.

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