#TCCFam: Kris Wolbeck

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Meet Kris Wolbeck, our #TCCFam feature this week! 

#TCCFam member, Kris Wolbeck

Name: Kris Wolbeck

Title: Store Manager; 4 years

Favorite product? I love the Backpack Giveaway. It brings our community together and offers things to those who may need a little extra help. I also appreciate the 401(k) and health benefits offered to us and our families.

Best TCC memory? My best memory was in 2016 when I was one of the top 16 employees of the year and was brought on stage. It certainly made me feel appreciated.

Any hidden talents? I bake wedding cakes, pies and cookies professionally. I'm told that I'm a great speaker.

Favorite nonprofit and why: We have a local organization called Eagles Healing Nest that house veterans who have no place to go. It is an important part of our community.

Thanks for being awesome, Kris! Each week, you can meet a new member of our fam. Click here for last week's post featuring VP Dan LeBlanc.


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