#TCCFam: Komal Pitney

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This week, meet store manager Komal Pitney and learn why she's #TCCFam!


Name: Komal Pitney

Title: Store Manager

Years worked for TCC: 8 years

Favorite part about TCC: The best part about TCC is being part of a huge family that cares about my growth and development. TCC has a lot to offer, I'm not just an employee or a number, I feel like I truly matter.

Hopes for the company this year: My hopes for the company in 2018 is to bring my store to another level of success! I want my store to be very well known in the community. We are known for our best customer service in town!

Best memory: I have two best memories of TCC, the first one is when I got hired in. I moved from another country and this was the first job I applied for and got an interview and was offered the job almost on the spot. No one else took a chance on me, but TCC did. 

The second is being part of the President's Club. We went to the Bahamas and everything about it was amazing! I was able to meet other great people that worked for TCC, learned about their accomplishments, and gained new friends. We swam with the pigs (yes, pigs) and fed huge iguanas on the island! It felt amazing being rewarded for all the hard work.

Favorite nonprofit: My favorite nonprofit organization is Foundation for Youth here in Columbus. I love it because they cater to our youth. They inspire and enable them to be better part of the community with their programs and services.

Komal, we appreciate everything you do. Thank you! Click here for last week's article. 


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