#TCCFam: Jim Tollman

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Store Manager Jim Tollman shares his favorite things about working for TCC. Plus, be sure to read one of the most interesting customer story submissions we've seen yet.


Name: Jim Tollman

Title: Store Manager, 1 year and 8 months

Favorite part about TCC: My favorite part about working for TCC is that I get to be involved with my community and make a positive impact.

Favorite part about your specific job: My favorite part of my specific job is that I get to grow and develop a successful team and meet new customers everyday.

Fave device: My favorite phone is the Samsung Galaxy S9+. It has an ultra power saving mode, which I constantly use because I often forget to charge it.

Share a customer story: One day at the store we had an older gentleman who wanted to buy a higher end iPhone model for his girlfriend in Africa whom he had never met or video chatted. After several minutes of connecting with the customer, we came to the conclusion that he was getting involved with a scam artist. We saved him lots of money and troubles, and he thanked us with lunch for the day.

Favorite non-profit: My favorite non-profit is the Make A Wish foundation. It's my favorite because they make dreams a reality for children with critical illnesses.

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