Jessica Rennard

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If you've visited our corporate office in Carmel, you might have had the pleasure of meeting Jessica when you arrived. Read more to learn her favorite things about being a part of the #TCCFam. 


Name: Jessica Rennard

Title: HR Assistant/Office Manager

Department: Human Resources

How long have you worked for TCC: 2 years

Favorite thing about the company as a whole: CULTURE! TCC is unlike many other businesses. We truly care about people and the planet. With random giveaways, employee engagement, academics and even down to our personal health, Scott and Julie Moorehead have gone above and beyond for their employees and I couldn't imagine working anywhere else.

Share a customer story: I answer phone calls throughout my day and one call I answered was a very sweet elderly woman. She literally just called in to tell me how much she enjoys her local store. She went on and on about, not just the sales rep but then moved on to how amazing the manager was and how they treated her like she was the queen of England. One sales rep even walked her and her husband to their car with an umbrella to make sure they didn't get wet. She said she not only felt respected but LOVED. She will always do business with Verizon and this store in particular because of how great they are. She wanted to make sure I pass on the praise so they could all get a good bonus. LOVE hearing stories about people treating others like they are family. What a difference those employees made in her life.

What do you do when you're not in the office: I am a part time student in an accelerated program that just so happens to be through TCC. They offer to help with schooling for an Associates Degree and I thought there was no time but the present and that my brain will only get older and slower. When I am not doing loads of homework I am working at a 2nd job with a local florist working weddings on Saturdays. MOST IMPORTANTLY I am spending all my free time with my amazing 15 month old son. He is by far my favorite thing to do and I miss him every minute I have to spend away from him.

Favorite nonprofit: Wheeler Mission. Wheeler Mission helped my brother get off the streets of Indy and changed his life forever and in turn changed my entire family. They brought him into their addiction program and through a two year process came out healthy, happy, and whole. He is now married with a beautiful 2 year old boy and a little girl on the way! He's still an older brother and drives me insane, but he's here. He's healthy. He believes. He's happy. Wheeler Mission took a broken kid from the streets of Indianapolis and through prayer and hard work and dedication turned him into a strong man. Wheeler Mission does so much more than just help people get out of addiction. They feed and house the homeless on frigid cold nights. They care and I am forever thankful for that.

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