#TCCFam: Jason Wilkinson

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Name: Jason Wilkinson

Title: Regional Director, Eastern Ohio

How long have you worked for TCC?: 12 Years

Thinking in terms of the company as a whole, what's your favorite part about TCC? My favorite part of TCC is that I can come to work and be me. It's one of the best things that this company is about. Just be you and be human. I don't have to come to work or talk to my people any different than if it was one of my friends or family members. When following the 5 promises, Authentic really stands out for why I love working for TCC.

Favorite customer story: There was a time when a lady came in with a broken phone due to water being spilled on it. She was extremely heart broken by the fact that she could lose everything in the device. Her husband recently passed away and the memories she had on her device were thought to be gone. Long story short, we used the Redux machine to revive the device. The attempt to dry was successful. We were able to retrieve all information, back up for her and gain a customer for life. After laughter, tears, joy and hugs she left in a better light than when she walked in.

Dream vacation: I have always wanted to go backpacking across Europe. I think it would be amazing to learn their culture in areas over seas. To actually see the history of areas that you hear or learn about really intrigues me.

Favorite nonprofit: The Brimfield Community Cupboard. This is a local organization that is close to my own home and the amount of work they do to give back to the community is why our locations have partnered up with them. Making a difference for families in this area is another reason why I love TCC.

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