Elizabeth Beitz

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This week, meet #TCCFam Elizabeth Beitz! She shares her favorite parts about her job and a little bit about herself.


Name: Elizabeth Beitz

Title: TA

How long have you worked for TCC: 5 months

Favorite thing about the company as a whole: I love that TCC gives back. I participated in the backpack giveaway and gave away all the bags within an hour. I loved seeing the kids light up when they got their backpack and I thought this was a great way to give back to the community.

Favorite thing about your role: I love the way my customers get so excited to hold that new phone or device in their hands. It makes me happy to see them so happy. I love getting a new phone myself, so I understand their excitement and wanting to get home right away to play with their new phone.

Favorite phone: My favorite phone is the Note 9. I am a Samsung person, so when the Note 9 launched I knew that would be my next phone. The Bluetooth pen is so cool, it can take your picture with just a click. Also, the battery life is incredible. I google everything, so knowing the battery will last all day is amazing.

Share a customer story: I sold a lady an Apple Watch a few weeks ago, and she was so excited. She could not believe everything that the watch could do. The smile never left her face, her happiness made me so happy and the smile never left my face either.

Guilty pleasure song: Defying Gravity from the Broadway play Wicked. I love belting this song out when I’m in my car. I love a good show tune.


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