#TCCFam: Dylan Lease

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Every Monday we bring you a new member of our staff, aka our #TCCFam. This week, meet Dylan Lease!

Dylan Lease, TCC Fam member of the week.

Name: Dylan Lease

Title: Tech Advisor; 8 months

Best part about TCC: The best part about TCC is that there's always support for employees when we need it, from my coworkers to IT or even other stores -everyone likes helping everyone!

Favorite product: My favorite product is Redux. I love how it's able to save all of the personal information and cherished memories on someone's phone. Seeing their face when they can get their phone back working is amazing!

Favorite TCC memory: My favorite memory is when we brought the Teachers Rock care kits to the local school last month. Seeing how appreciative they were that they can go a little longer without having to spend their own money on school supplies was pretty great.

What's your favorite nonprofit? My favorite nonprofit is the Tri-County Humane Society. I love animals and I think everyone should adopt before they shop. I’ve adopted three animals from there and I wouldn’t change a thing.



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