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Did you miss us? #TCCFam is back, baby! This week, we're featuring our Store Manager Bobby Doyle. 


Name: Bobby Doyle

Title: Store Manager

How long have you worked for TCC: A little over 1 year

Favorite thing about the company as a whole: TCC to me is a place that appreciates all of our personal strengths in the company. Our individual talents are strong and help to move us to the next level of success, and TCC encourages us to then share those strengths with each other at a store level and entire company level as one "GIANT TEAM". This is what makes us unstoppable. We commit our talents daily, share them, teach them, and band together.

Favorite phone: My favorite phone is the Note9. The technology and ease of use is amazing!

Dream vacation: I would to take my Autistic (Asperger's) little boy to a Patriots football game in Foxboro, MA. Football changed his life. He is an amazing and wonderful kid!! He deserves it.

Favorite nonprofit: Autism Society. "The power of inclusion" is their motto. They are dedicated to improving the lives of all affected by autism.


Thanks for being a literal rockstar, Bobby! Check back next week to meet another member of our fam. 

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