Andrew Watson

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#TCCFam member Andrew Watson shares his incredible story that reminds us how well our phones really do keep us connected.


Name: Andrew Watson

Title: TA

How long have you worked for TCC: 1.5 years

Favorite thing about the company as a whole: I love the focus on making a better community. Out of all the places I have worked, I have never met a company so passionate about a better tomorrow for everyone. We don't just focus on one fundraiser; we focus on anything that helps someone whether it's a local organization or a worldwide fundraiser. Every day I come in, I don't feel like it's just another day at work. It's another day to help my community grow more.

Favorite thing about your role: I love that I get to help everyone learn something new about their phone and how far technology has come. Teaching someone that they can see their moms, dads, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, ect. with just the press of a button can really make someone's day brighter.

Favorite phone: I love my Samsung Galaxy Note9. It has everything I need and more, with a battery to get me through every bit of the day.

Share a customer story: I had a customer who had gotten her phone stolen. She had tons of photos and videos on it of her son who sadly passed away in a car wreck at 23. It had been 4 years since then and she never got a new phone because she didn't want to risk losing her photos and videos of him. I helped her pick a new phone out and when I was helping set it up for her, I was able to restore those lost pictures and videos through the Verizon Cloud that she didn't even know she was already utilizing! The look of pure happiness still to this day brings a smile on my face. 

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