#TCCFam: Adam Foust

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It's time for our weekly #TCCFam feature! This week, meet our store manager, Adam.


Name: Adam Foust

Title: Store Manager; 3 years

Best part about TCCCulture of Good. I fell in love with COG as soon as I started working here. Every event I've done has been a lot of fun and we've helped a bunch of people in the process.

Favorite product: Redux is my favorite. It's innovative and exclusive. 

Any skills or hidden talents? I'm normally full of random facts that have nothing to do with daily life but they'll make you feel better about the world.

Favorite nonprofit: The United Way. Our local United Way services more than twenty agencies and all of the money that goes to them stays in my community.

Click here to meet last week's #TCCFam feature, Molly Fields. As usual, check back each Monday afternoon for a fresh face.


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