#TCCFam: Tyler Halbert

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This week's #TCCFam member is tech advisor, Tyler Halbert. Hear his touching story that all started when he saw the background on someone's phone.


Name: Tyler Halbert

Title: Tech Advisor

How long have you worked for TCC? 3 years

Thinking in terms of the company as whole, what's your favorite part about TCC? I enjoy the culture in-store and internally. I enjoy the internal relationships that I have with my co-workers and the laid back culture of working for TCC. I enjoy how I can be myself when I am working; being genuine with customers helps me build relationships with them.

Favorite phone and why? My phone of choice is the iPhone X. I love the facial recognition and I really like the exclusion of the home button. The edge-to-edge screen is very vibrant and looks fantastic.

Favorite customer story: My favorite story came from seeing the wallpaper on a customer's phone actually. The customer came in to upgrade her phone and her daughter’s phone as well. While processing the upgrades, I saw that the daughter's wallpaper on her phone was of a rapper that I enjoy, Logic. We got to talking about Logic and I had recently won two tickets to his upcoming concert from 98.9 Radio Now station. I had plans already to go to the concert later this year in Nashville, so since I had two tickets to the concert in Cincinnati, I asked her if she wanted some free tickets to go see Logic. 

Of course she was extremely excited and thrilled to be able to go to her first ever concert and it just so happens to be her favorite artist as well. Her mother messaged me on Facebook later that night and told me that her daughter was crying from happiness on the way home and that Logic is actually a big part of her life due to her best friend committing suicide. His music is what kept her mind off of the tragic event. Being able to make someone as happy as I made that girl is what made this my favorite customer story.

Favorite nonprofit: My favorite nonprofit would have to be Make-A-Wish Foundation. This is absolutely the best thing I could ever think of: making children with a life-threatening medical conditions "wishes" come true is the best feeling I could imagine in the world. Watching videos and seeing things that make these children genuinely happy makes my heart feel perfect. 

Thanks, Tyler! Your story is giving us all the motivation we need this Monday. 


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