#TCCFam: Monique Welsh

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 Meet one of our rockstars, Monique Welsh. Learn why she's #TCCFam and what you can find her doing outside of work.

Monique Welsh

Name: Monique Welsh

Title: Tech Advisor; 1.5 years

Best memory: The best memory I have of TCC was when we did the backpack giveaway last summer. We asked the Springfield Fire Department to come out and demonstrate all the cool stuff on the truck for the kids and talk a little bit about what it takes to be a fire fighter. They also gave the kids their own fire fighter helmets. The parents were really grateful that our organization thought about their children and it felt extremely good to be a part of TCC.

What can we find you doing outside of work: I am a plus size model outside of work, so I enjoy doing runway shows and doing photo shoots! I also love poetry so when I feel up to it I will go to open mics!

Hidden talents: I am a model, poet, photographer and health coach! I love hitting the runway and exuding confidence! I dibble and dabble in paint now and again, though I'm no Bob Ross..yet lol.

Favorite nonprofit and why: Them Clouds Kids which was started by two of my friends in Newark, NJ. Their mission is to unite, uplift through the practice of Ubuntu and to create a positive and open-minded society. They give back to the homeless and have annual lunch bag drives, city clean ups, after school programs for kis, etc.

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