#TCCFam: Lyndsay Deeter

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This week, see how #TCCFam member Lyndsay Deeter helped brighten up one customer's Christmas Eve.


Name: Lyndsay Deeter

Title: Store Manager, 1 year

Favorite part about TCC: My favorite part about TCC is that it’s more than a company, it’s a family. The people are contagiously compassionate and the love for one another is abundant. TCC’s philanthropic programs, like Culture of Good and TCC Gives, make me proud to work for and with people who want to make a difference in the world.

Favorite phone: My favorite phone is the iPhone 8 because iPhone can finally be charged wirelessly!

Share a customer story: On Christmas Eve last year, I was working in the store and was feeling a little bummed that I wasn’t with my family. An elderly lady called into the store and was having issues with her phone. She was in a nursing home and was unable to get to the store. I told her that when I was off work I would come to the nursing home and help her. I got there and fixed her phone and she invited me to have pie with her. We sat down and had pie and it turned out that she hadn’t had a visitor in a year. I spent about an hour and a half with her listening to her stories and looking at old pictures. We took Snapchat selfies together and when I left we were both in tears. She reminded me that of the ability I have to make a difference in the world by demonstrating kindness.

Dream trip: If I could go anywhere in the whole world I would go to Copenhagen, Denmark during the winter time.

Favorite non-profit: My favorite non-profit is the Family Development Center. They focus of developing families, teaching effective parenting, and offering resources to families so they can be stronger, happier, and healthier.                                  

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