#TCCFam: Erin Napoleone

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Week three of #TCCFam! This week, we're taking you to the field to meet one of our amazing store managers, Erin Napoleone.


Name: Erin Napoleone

Title: Store Manager; 2 years

Hopes for the company in 2018I hope that we can continue to grow, but I also hope that we remember where we came from. TCC was always the only place that really made employees feel valued; a place where we felt we could grow to become something more with a company that prided itself in its goal to do just that.

What can we find you doing outside of the officeI love to spend time with my beautiful daughters, Vivian (9) and Willow (5), laugh and argue with my husband Mike, snuggle my Golden Retriever, Albert Barkenfoof, and my cat, Stan Lee Jingles. I also love to cook and read.

Favorite nonprofitI work with The Brandon Tolson Foundation exclusively. The foundation was started after Brandon Tolson died tragically in a car accident. Out of tragedy came the idea that during a time of unspeakable grief, it is nearly impossible to find the strength to plan a funeral for your child. So, The Brandon Tolson Foundation is there to help with planning, counseling, and financial support for families that have a child pass unexpectedly.


Last week, we introduced you to our Business Analyst Lead, Scott Peterson. Click here to read his interview, and don't forget to check back next Monday to meet another member of our #TCCFam.

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