#TCCFam: Elisha Kenworthy

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Store Manager Elisha Kenworthy helped save a customer's life from a simple product suggestion. Read what happens next here.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 11.14.16 AMFavorite phone: I'm a Samsung person and recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S9+, I love the camera and storage space. I constantly am taking pictures of my kids and nature, so having more room means I can take as many as I please.

Favorite part about working for TCC: My favorite part about working at TCC is the fact the company cares about their employees. They treat us as a family, no matter where we are in the states.

Customer story: I had a couple come in who travel a lot. One has heart problems and his wife constantly worries about if anything were to happen. I spoke about HUM, explained the benefits, and by the end of it they ended up getting one for his car because of the crash detection feature. About 2 months later he had a heart attack while driving and this feature saved his life. They came back to the store and gave me a thank you card, flowers and hugs because without telling them about HUM, he might not have made it.

Favorite nonprofit: Anything that has to do with fostering kids; Being adopted and having my parents foster for 20 years, I have always wanted to make the lives of kids better because I know what it's like. I also love Child Haven and Toys for Tots.

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