Bryan Clark

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This week's #TCCFam member is Bryan Clark. 


First and Last Name: Bryan Clark

Title: Sales Manager

How long have you worked for TCC?: 2.5 years

Favorite part about working for TCC: My favorite part about working for TCC is the fact that from corporate down, everyone shares the same positive energy for the company. Everyone knows that as a company, TCC is authentic and truly cares and stands by growing and developing their people.

Favorite part about your specific job: My favorite part about being a sales manager is the fact that I get develop my own team.

Favorite phone: My favorite phone is my iPhone X.

Favorite customer story: I had an older lady who lost her husband, and she would visit me once a week just to talk. She was my biggest promoter and she sent many customers my way even when she didn't need anything because she wanted me to have business. When I transferred from the location she came in on the last day and gave me her number to keep in contact.

Favorite nonprofit: My favorite non profit is St. Jude because I believe in helping children.

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