Amanda Janicki

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Work for TCC.

Store Manager Amanda Janicki shares her story about using a Samsung Note 8 to literally save her life. 


Name: Amanda Janicki

Title: Store Manager

How long have you worked for TCC: Almost 3 years

Favorite part about TCC: The culture and involvement in our communities! I remember hearing about the Riley Children's Foundation and our annual Backpack Giveaway during my interview and immediately thought to myself "THIS is where I belong!"

Favorite phone and why Hands down the Note 8. My friends and I were out on the boat last fall in Sackets Harbor...long story short, the boat caught on fire and we all had to slide down to the front and jump in the lake to swim away. My Note 8 was in my back pocket and sank to the bottom of the lake...His Note 8 however, he was able to jump in with in hand, swim away and get on the phone with the Coast Guard to give our coordinates! We were rescued individually by jet ski and he was the last to be brought in (leaving him in the water for well over an hour and a half!) Needless to say, that phone works flawlessly to this day! We were able to write Samsung a letter thanking them for having made such innovative technology able to literally save lives in such an unexpected moment (They read it in Vegas with our pictures up when they opened up the s9 series launch this year! Pretty cool!) 

Favorite customer story I have so many BUT my absolute favorite would be from April of 2017... one of our local business owners from one of our loyal accounts had come in for a phone charger (and this guy NEVER comes in on his own! He always has employees stop in for whatever their needs are.) Skip ahead about 3 weeks, he comes back in for what? Another charger... I was training a new rep at the time so I had him greet and take care of him. Towards the end of the purchase I slid in and asked if he didn't mind if we looked over his account briefly for training purposes (knowing he was going to say yes) and offered him that .99 tab e of course! 45 minutes and a tab e later, he asked if he could reach out to me in regards to how many more he would need for his office. We exchanged contact information and stayed in touch. I stayed on this account like no other because I was closing those business lines! We stayed in touch, activated 5 more tablets, and met after one of his business meetings at a local family restaurant/bar to go over the details. After business was done, he asked if I wanted to sit for a drink and some food...and we have been together ever since! 

Favorite nonprofit Joseph's Experience out of Oneida County, NY. 

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