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What are the #TCCFam's Favorite Holiday Movies?

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The holidays are a time to gather, be with the ones you love and (hopefully) relax! One of our favorite things to do during the Christmas season is to cozy up on the couch and watch a movie with family and friends. We asked the #TCCFam what their favorite holiday movie of all time was!

It might not  be a surprise to some folks that these are the top 5. Read on to find out why these films mean so much to our #TCCFam!

1. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is without a doubt my favorite Christmas movie, if not just my favorite movie in general! First of all, it's hilarious!! I've watched it more times than I could possibly remember, and it just never gets old OR less funny! I feel like it's super relatable everyone probably has at least one of the Griswold family members in their family too!" -Leah, Farmington, MO

"We would put it on every year (fast forward through pg-13 bits when we were young) while we were putting up the Christmas tree with my family!" -Ryan, Dayton, OH

"I loved it the first time I saw it in a small town theater, while in the 3rd grade, wearing a homemade Christmas sweatshirt, and I love it each year as it plays while we decorate our tree." -Kimberly, Carmel, IN

2. Elf

"It is a fun and happy movie set in New York, which is just a magical place during Christmas. Will Ferrell is perfect as buddy the elf." -Abigail, Noblesville, IN

"I love how happy, positive, and naive Buddy is. No matter what is going on he's just super happy and positive!" -Brianna, Madras, OR

"It's literally everything I love in Christmas. The family fun and the goofiness. My brother and I used to stretch across the escalators and go up them when we were younger. I still answer the phone and say 'buddy the elf what's your favorite color?' during the holiday season. It's just the best movie ever!"
-Devonne, Aiken, SC

3. A Christmas Story

"It was my dad's favorite Christmas movie. TBS does a 24 hour marathon on Christmas and we'd always have it playing on at LEAST one tv at all times." -Tori, Carmel, IN

"Every Christmas memory I have surrounds this movie playing over and over and over again. I love the simple fun kids have, the tragic dinner mishap, and the crazy imagination that the little boy has while in his own backyard." -Heather, Standale, MI

"I have fond memories of watching it with my dad. I could watch it a million times and it never gets old." -Sarah, Ocean City, MD

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

"This is my favorite holiday movie because it shows the positive impact of helping others." -Elizabeth, Carmel, IN

"I have loved Dr. Seuss since I was a little kid. I love what Jim Carrey brings to the character of The Grinch, and he makes the movie so much more enjoyable." -Avery, Fairfield, IL

5. Home Alone

"When I grew up in my home country, Home Alone was aired every Christmas!" -Priscilla, Carmel, IN

"My children giggle through the whole thing." -Carrie, Richmond, IN

"Home alone. Why do you ask? Because it is not only a Christmas movie, it is a feel good funny movie. Unlike those Hallmark movies that have the same plot and make you want to cry, this makes you laugh, and the things he does are 100% something my nephew would do." -Alexis, Alton, IL

Other #TCCFam Favorites:

"Its a Wonderful Life- It's the story of family, integrity and the reminder that we affect everyone's life that we come in contact with." -Larry, Kent, WA

"Die Hard....the age old Christmas debate in every it a Christmas movie? Is it not? The answer is a resounding yes...but brings families together to debate over the important issues during the holiday season." -Veronica, Marshall, MO

"Die Hard. Because it's Die Hard. It covers all of the holiday bases, stress at work, stress with your family, and the worry international terrorist will take over your office and you'll be able to save the day for everyone. Yippee-ki-yay!" -Benjamin, Carmel, IN

"White Christmas, ever since I was a little girl my mom and I would pop in the VHS while we decorate the house for Christmas. To this day I still go over to her house to continue the tradition only now its on Blu-ray ;)" -Angela, Coeur D'Alene ID

"Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983). I watched this movie hundreds of times when I was a little boy. Also... Scrooge McDuck!!! Enough said lol! -Gregory, Canton, MI

"Polar Express, because it is a quality movie with moments of joy and spirit- Like the hot chocolate scene, anyone who watches it wants a cup of hot chocolate!" -Martin, Federal Way, WA

If anything puts you in the holiday spirit this year, let it be one of the #TCCFam's favorite Christmas movies! Let us know what your favorite holiday movie is in the comments!


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