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Rescues Rock 2019

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This spring, we’re debuting our newest company-wide volunteer event, Rescues Rock. That’s right -this quarter we’re all about animal rescues, and we could not be more excited! All of our TCC stores across the country will be partnering with a local animal rescue organization and hosting in-store pet adoption events. 

Rescues Rock

Rescues Rock takes place on Sunday, May 19 at 1 PM. There will be free pet kits for the first dogs and cats adopted. (While supplies last.)

Find your closest Rescues Rock event by clicking the button below:

Find a store.


Adopt Don’t Shop

When you opt to get a dog or cat from a rescue organization instead of a pet store or breeder, you are saving a life! 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year. Rescuing an animal from a shelter not only saves that animal, it also opens up space for another animal that needs help. Plus, owning a pet can improve your mental and physical wellbeing! 

Find your own furever friend at Rescues Rock on May 19! Click here to find your TCC store.

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