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Fitness Tracking: Get Yourself Summer Ready

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Summer is coming, but are you ready? Did you even get into fitness tracking?  If you’re like me, you spent the coldest months of winter hibernating at home with minimal physical activity. Now that the weather is finally warming up, I’m feeling inspired and want to make some healthy lifestyle changes for a fresh start this season. Check out these fitness tracking apps and tech that will help you feel more confident and summer-ready.

Apple Watch Series 4

A smartwatch like the Apple Watch Series 4 is great for being more cognizant of your activity level. This watch inspires you to live a healthier life by providing in-depth metrics on your workouts, monitoring your heart, and help manage your stress. Plus, it lets you challenge a friend with an activity competition for some extra motivation.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch seamlessly integrates with your Samsung phone. It has a built-in GPS, altimeter, and barometer so you can still track even when you're off the beaten track. It acts as your own personal training by measuring your heart rate and tracking activities when you're exercising. 

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Find a store. MyFitnessPal

This free app is amazing for helping create healthy habits and weight loss. Scan the barcode of whatever you’re eating (or manually enter it in) and MyFitnessPal is a perfect fitness tracking app that tracks all of the nutritional information for you. Log your activity to get an even more accurate count on how many nutrients you need to fuel your day.


No smartwatch to track your activity? No problem! With free apps like MapMyRun, you can track and store metrics about your workout. It tracks your route, elevation profiles, calories, and breaks down your individual mile times. This fitness tracking app helped me transform from a complete running novice to eventually breaking the 13-mile mark!


Try some new, fresh recipes this summer with the Tasty app. There are over 3,000 recipes with step-by-step instructions. Plus, you can easily filter by dietary restrictions, ingredients, difficulty, and more.

JAM Tune-In Earbuds

These wireless Bluetooth earbuds provide 12 hours of playtime, and with sweat & rain resistance, they’re ready for almost any workout.

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What are you doing to prepare for the summer? Tell us in the comments!

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