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Workplace: Merging social media with work

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Facebook’s newest creation is Workplace, a social app exclusively for companies officially announced in October 2016. This new platform is a social network that aims to change the way companies work by making them more connected. Workplace by Facebook is built on the premise that a company’s success depends on every single member of the team and how they work together. It’s essential to be able to make connections easier, because connections are how truly great ideas get started. Hence, it was created to be a platform where ideas could be shared quickly, easily, and freely. This assists in accomplishing goals faster and more efficiently. And it will engender the growth of overall productivity of your company.

Platform design

Workplace by Facebook uses the same design as the social app, so you’ll recognize the layout. Additionally, the features in this platform are basically the same as the social app too, with a few professional tweaks. Basically, it’s an ad-free business version of your actual Facebook profile. It connects everyone in the company and helps turn ideas into real things. There’s a place for group discussion, a personalized news feed, and voice- and video-calling.

Communication improves

Individual corporate teams and departments use Group chat to share their voices and start discussions. There’s also a feature for multi-company groups to make collaborating and connecting a lot simpler. Workplace’s newsfeed will give you updates in real-time, so you always stay in-the-know and up-to-date. If you need to reach someone immediately, there’s an instant messaging feature so you can conveniently chat.

Benefits and features

Workplace also takes a new addition to Facebook, Live, giving your company the ability to broadcast live videos. The Live feature boosts your visibility and brand. Also, you'll find anything discussed in the past with the platform's search function. You'll see coworkers' profiles, specific group posts, files, and documents within searches on Workplace. Now, you won’t spend hours digging through your email in search of that one Word document that Samantha in Finance posted last month.

The future of Workplace

Recently, Facebook announced that Workplace will now be able to integrate with apps that share files, calendars, emails, and more. With the ability to include these things, any company can seamlessly transition into the software platform.

Workplace by Facebook has the potential to positively change the entire dynamic of a company by making it more of a social experience. The best part of Workplace by Facebook is it is available on both Apple and Android. Because of its ability to make connecting simpler than ever, tech experts are even starting to wonder if Workplace will mean the end of corporate email.

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