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Will freezing a waterlogged phone save it?

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If you're a smartphone owner, chances are, you take every precaution to prevent your phone from getting wet. But if phone gets soaked in the rain, dropped into a toilet, or forgotten by the pool, there are many drying methods that will ruin your phone. One such method is freezing your phone. If you find yourself with a waterlogged phone, don't put it in the freezer.

The phone-in-the-freezer myth

Unfortunately, people think they can prevent short circuits intheir wet phones by placing them in the freezer. They believe cold temperatures in the freezer reduces the conductivity of the water, and prevent the phone from short-circuiting. Many suggestions regarding the phone-in-the-freezer myth include wrapping the phone in paper towels to avoid frost damage, before placing it in the freezer overnight. Truth is, this would only provide a temporary solution. When you put your phone in the cold air, the water inside your phone will turn to ice - until you remove the phone from the freezer. When the ice inside the phone melts, you're left with the original problem.

1. Water spreads from freezing

Freezing the phone won't remove the water. In fact, any liquid that's made its way inside your phone will freeze once you place it into the freezer. And once you remove the phone from the freezer, the ice will not only melt, but the water left behind by the ice will spread elsewhere inside your phone.

2. Freezing damages your phone's screen

While some people think that putting a wet phone in the freezer saves it because the lower temperatures pull out the moisture, this is a dangerous move. Your phone's screen is made of a form of liquid, so putting it in the freezer harms your LCD screen. Even if the phone is okay in the freezer, it could crack as you remove it from the freezer, for the simple reason that it's made from a very temperamental material.

3. Other dangers of freezing your phone

If your phone's electronic components are surface-mounted, there is a small space between the component and the circuit board where water can get underneath the components. If you place this surface-mounted wet phone in the freezer, the frozen water will expand and cause more damage to your phone.

Condensation is another danger of this method, because once you remove the phone from the freezer the phone starts sweating. Think about what items in the freezer look like as they defrost. Because of this, your phone is sure to boast moisture on both the outside and the inside after attempting the freezer "drying" method.

How to save your waterlogged phone
Instead of attempting the DIY method of freezing your phone, here's what you need to do if your phone gets wet. Act quickly, remove the phone from water and drying it off with clean, dry towels. Give your phone a better chance of drying out by removing your battery, SIM card, and other exterior components like headphones. Be careful not to push the towel into the ports. Most importantly, do not plug the phone in, attempt to turn the phone on, or push any other buttons.

Now, as quickly as possible, take your phone to a location that offers a professional drying machine. Specially engineered to combine heat and pressure, these Redux machines are capable of drying your phone more safely and thoroughly without damaging it. In most cases, these drying machines save wet phones and keep your data intact.

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