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What's Wi-Fi networking?

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What's Wi-Fi networking?

Wi-FiWi-Fi hotspot uses radio waves to deliver network connectivity. Wireless adapters establish wireless networks, which are called hotspots. Hotspots allow users to connect to the internet. Wi-Fi provides wireless connectivity by emitting radio frequencies between 2.4GHz and 5GHz. This frequency depends on the network capacity.

Wi-Fi networking is a feature found on contemporary smartphones. In Apple devices, you can turn on Wi-Fi networking in System Services under Location Services. Apple has built a database of open Wi-Fi networks, and to determine a your location when you don't have cell service. This function stores crowdsourced Wi-Fi hotspot locations and allows other iPhones in the area to determine the location without using GPS. When the function is enabled, your iPhone will pick up Wi-Fi hotspots quickly.

Benefits of disabling Wi-Fi networking in iOS devices

woman on wi-fi callTo disable this feature, simply toggle off Wi-Fi networking in System Services under Location Services. In fact, many iOS users disable Wi-Fi networking on their devices for several reasons, including:

- Toggling off Wi-Fi access will stop sending information to Apple, but it won't affect your phone's performance. Keep in mind, disabling this function on your iOS device doesn't turn off the feature, it only disables the device's ability to report your location to the company.

- Disabling it protects your privacy and prevents Apple from knowing your location. As companies collect your data, you can choose to protect privacy by disabling Wi-Fi. In fact, turning off Location Services in one fell swoop is the way to go. Families with children often disable Location Services because they don't want to alert potential predators to their children's location. Other parents choose to only disable Location Services in their children's devices, rather than their own.

- Disabling Wi-Fi Networking may save your battery. Some iPhone users site complaints that their battery drains more quickly when it's on. Others notice only minimal improvement in battery life by allowing the function to remain on.

- Turning it off may increase Wi-Fi speed in iOS devices. Sluggish internet connections sometimes plague iPad and iPhone users. By some reports, disabling Wi-Fi Networking on iOS devices restored faster Wi-Fi speeds.

Wi-Fi Networking may not be something you know exists on your iOS device, but it may be something you want to turn off if you are concerned about your privacy and security. Disabling the function also may improve your battery life and Wi-Fi speeds.

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