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This week in tech #11

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This week in tech keeps you informed by bringing you the most important news in the industry. Here’s what you need to know this week.

A free (Yahoo) view of Hulu

Yahoo View

Yahoo released a new content-streaming website called Yahoo View on Monday. The site features the content from Hulu that used to be available for free. Yahoo View is now one of the only ways to access Hulu’s free TV shows and movies (along with smaller avenues like Comcast,, and EW). Another exciting tidbit - Yahoo View not only features Yahoo and Hulu branding, but the site’s platform is run through Tumblr, so show and movie descriptions and extras are easily viewable. Now you can enjoy the last five episodes of your favorite Hulu shows for free on Yahoo View.


NBCUniversal brings TV to Snapchat

NBCUniversal is giving you mobile-friendly chunks of your favorite shows – on Snapchat. This NBCUniversal and Snapchat team-up will bring original content directly to your smartphone app. According to TechCrunch, one of the first bite-size shows, “The Voice on Snapchat” features an opportunity to submit performance videos via (part of Snapchat). Judges like Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine will review all these Snapchat submissions. The winner from these Snaps will then attend taping for the reality competition. We look forward to seeing how this partnership might change the way we watch television.

Meet the Google Play Family Library

Google Play Family Plan

The newly released Google Play Family Library lets you share TV shows, app, movies, and book purchases across six Google accounts – on both Android, Chrome, and Apple devices. The service is completely free. All purchases will charge on default to one specified credit card, but all people in the Family account will also be able to use their own credit cards for purchases. Google Play Family Library gives you the ability to share your content with other Family account holders or just keep to yourself.

Robots and the Washington Post

Newspaper hires robot writers?

The Washington Post has hired robots to write about the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. This futuristic approach to content coverage is making waves. But before you get too excited, these Olympic stories are simple reports on scores, medal counts, and other basic data. Jeremy Gilbert, who heads the Washington Post’s digital projects explained that the use of Heliograf, the newspaper’s AI software, allows the newspaper’s human writers explore more involved topics.

Amazon Echo quick-fix

Amazon Echo

Chances are you’ve probably encountered an issue with your Amazon Echo machine at one time or another. According to, your Echo issue might fall into one of these four categories; Alexa can’t find your smart-home device, Alexa is having issues connecting to your wireless network, Alexa can’t hear you clearly, or Alexa responds to commands at incorrect times (like your favorite TV spurs Alexa into action). For fixes to these issues, along with a breakdown of your Echo’s message light indicator, read this article.

Google Tilt Brush

Google Tilt Brush can ‘paint’ music

Just when you think that virtual reality technology has slowed down to a reasonable pace, Google announced exciting news about their Google Tilt Brush. The newest Tilt Brush update lets VR-users ‘paint’ in music. In other words, there is now an audio-reactive brush you can use in the system that will react to any audio source, including your computer. Once Audio Reactive Mode is triggered, your art will begin pulsing with the music of your choice. Interactive art might never be the same.

New music on Spotify’s Release Radar

Spotify Release Radar

One of the biggest problems for music streaming services is when users find it difficult to discover new music. That’s why Spotify wants to help you find new music. In response, Spotify launched the Release Radar, which automatically creates weekly playlists of music curated to your specific musical tastes. The Release Radar is free to all Spotify users. The Discover section of Spotify will update this new music playlist every Friday.

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