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wallet-stolen-weasel-tileDue to the fast-tempo nature of our society, people don’t have time to remember where they last placed a phone, wallet, or key. Enter Tile. With a motto promising to “lose less of everything, including your valuable time”, this app will help frantic searches for lost items become a thing of the past.

Tile is a Bluetooth tracker that, when hooked to key rings, stuck to a laptop, placed in a purse, or stored in a wallet, merges with an app to find the essential, everyday items that are often misplaced. Tiles serve as tracking devices, while the Tile app is the navigator. Playing a game of hot and cold, it tracks your distance to show if you are getting closer to your lost item. The app records the last time and place that you had your item, so if the item is lost you will know where to check.

One great feature of the Tile app is its ability to track your phone. If your phone is within 100 feet of your cellular device tile, double pressing any of your tiles, like the one in your wallet, will allow the tile to track your phone. Your phone will ring even if it is on silent. Each Tile is covered in small speakers that release a melody that can be easily heard from the depths of a drawer, the pit of a pile of laundry, or the other various locations that your items might sneak away to.

Because Tiles are water resistant, there is no need to stress over potential locations of your lost items. Afraid you left your Tile-encased wallet outdoors? Not to worry. Tiles are waterproof up to IP5 standards. You can also breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to upkeep because Tile batteries are guaranteed to last up to a year. After this time, Tile Inc. will replace any of your batteries.

The set-up is simple. Tile Inc. did a fantastic job designing an app that is both quick and easy to use. In fact, it takes less than two minutes to do. Talk about a time saver! Go to the Tile website for the easy steps to download and add it into your life. You can also purchase Tiles online for $25.00 each and see how these devices pay for themselves.


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