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This week in tech #7

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This week in tech keeps you informed by bringing you the most important news in the industry. Here’s what you need to know this week.

amazon prime

Amazon Prime Day returns
Amazon will be celebrating its second annual Prime Day on July 12th. Analysts are predicting sales to double over the shipping giant’s first celebration of the holiday in 2015. Amazon Prime members will see cost savings from July 5th through the 11th. And then on July 12th, every Amazon customer will see savings. Last year, experts say Prime Day earned between $375 million and $400 million for merchants who sell on the site. This year, bigger sales are expected because merchants are better prepared for the influx of orders. The holiday will be affecting the popular Prime Now service too, with over 500 new items becoming available through the service for the week of the shopping holiday.


A place for Memories
Snapchat has finally released a feature that lets you access your old Snaps. The feature, called Memories, is a full compilation of your past Snaps and Stories. To get to your Memories, just swipe up from the Camera feature. Memories lets you string old Snaps and Stories together to tell a new story. Snapchat is encouraging users to share these Memories. They will even frame Memories you share onto your Story, so your friends will know that it’s older. An added feature Snapchat incorporated into this update is the ability to limit the viewership of any Memory to My Eyes Only. Be on the lookout for Memories to come to your Snapchat interface in the next month.

Audible releases podcasts


Audible, an app featuring splendidly read audiobooks, has started offering something different for their listeners. They now have a new section of highly curated content dedicated solely to podcasts, which are now known as Channels. The variety of podcasts include the well-known “Charlie Rose” show, PRI’s “The World”, narrated New York Times articles, and even independent titles like “The Weekender,” and “The Daily Rush.” The Channels feature in Audible doesn’t yet have a search bar to find your favorite podcast by name, but you can find podcasts that interest you by genre search. Karmometer, a Reddit user who found Channels in its beta version earlier this year said, “I play audio books at my store and am so excited for the variety.” We’re excited too.

Verizon data plan

More data for Verizon users
Verizon made waves this week with the announcement of their new data plans for smartphones. Each level of the Verizon plan gets a bump of extra data for an extra included fee. This small cost jump allows users two ways to save money in the long-run. One way you can save money is to carryover any unused data from the previous month to the following month, which keeps future overages from occurring. Another way you can save is to choose a throttled connection when you’ve hit your data threshold, instead of being forced to pay for overages. Along with these ultimately cost-savings data packages, Verizon introduced an updated My Verizon mobile app, which lets you see your account’s data usage, shop for new smartphones and tablets, support services, and bill view/pay.

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