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This week in tech #12

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This week in tech keeps you informed by bringing you the most important news in the industry. We bring you summaries and links to newsworthy stories about smartphones, tablets, phablets, wearables, apps, and more. Here’s what you need to know this week.

From Facebook to Fabric

Two previous Facebook engineers have created and launched a new app, called Fabric. Fabric will auto-build a diary history for you when you download the app and sign-in. The app, available only on iOS, works by gathering your pictures off of your phone and other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. It then attaches dates to all of your photos and plots them out in a timeline-map view. You can also access a
White House

daily journal feature if you swipe up from your timeline. As time progresses, Fabric will track what people you spent time with, where you went, and different videos and pictures you’ve taken in a day. You can even connect with friends through shared pictures and other memories. This app might just be the future of social integration.

Dear Mr. President …

Now, you can officially Facebook message the President of the United States. As of August 10th, the White House started accepting letters through Facebook Messenger. So President Obama’s tradition of reading ten letters from constituents every day will now include letters sent through Facebook. This latest change from the White House is part of an effort to include more U.S. citizens in the national conversation. If you want to message the White House, use Facebook messenger to this address.

Trips to the pharmacy just got easier

Pharmacy goers will have something new to look forward to now, when they visit their local CVS. That’s because CVS just launched a mobile loyalty pay app, currently in limited release, called CVS Pay. CVS Pay allows customers to pick up prescriptions, pay for things, gain ExtraCare CVS Pharmacy

loyalty points, and … did we say pay for things? CVS Health created the app to cut down on the check-out line wait time, since both CVS Loyalty cards and chip card reader processing takes such a long time to process. You can store your credit card, FSA, and HSA cards in the app’s system – to which you can split your purchases across. The app will even work in drive-through pharmacies, you’ll just need to give the CVS employee a five-digit code from the CVS Pay app during the transaction. The app will be available on iOS and Android by the end of 2016.

Apple files health patent

It’s not often that you hear about a huge tech company filing for a health patent. But with this newest patent, it appears that Apple is poising themselves to enter the health field. The patent’s resulting wearable would have the ability perform an electrocardiogram on the wearer. Accessories like rings, bracelets, or pins could be design options, according to the records. If created, this technology would move cardiology and heart studies forward by leaps and bounds. According to C|, normal ECG readings differ depending on where the measuring device is on the body. However, this patented device includes a calibration process that would level this measurement to read the same wherever the wearable is on the body. Although it might be a while before we see this on the market, we think the wearable would gain popularity quickly.

Tinder is a sport?

2016 Olympics

Sports aren’t the only thing happening in Rio de Janeiro this summer. Olympic athletes caused a surge in Tinder matches last weekend, pushing the app’s usage by 129%. This means the 11,000-plus athletes staying in Brazil this month are opening up the dating app to meet with nearby athletes. Not only did matches climb, but daily active users of the app went up 64%, and swipes grew 69%.

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