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This Week in Tech keeps you informed by bringing you the most important news in the industry. Here’s what you need to know this week.


Middle-school kids create football injury observation app
Kids are getting smarter and smarter every year, so it’s no surprise that five middle school students recently won a national Verizon Innovative App Challenge award. With their invention, sensors are built into football helmets that will then alert coaches on their mobile devices if a player sustains a head injury. Read more about this new app that could change the face of football and other high-impact sports.

Daydream to introduce VR-friendly YouTube app
Google is working on providing a virtual reality (VR), or VR-friendly, YouTube app by later this year. This app will allow users of Google’s VR interface, Daydream, to watch all of the current YouTube videos in 360-degree virtual reality. News outlets report that even the search functions will have some level of VR imaging. Here’s our pick for the best information about this new Android app.

ATM withdrawal

The future of ATMs: Cardless readers
Would you believe us if we told you that in the near future, you’ll be able to withdraw money at an ATM with your cell phone? By June, over 2,000 Bank of America ATMs will install new technology that can scan your phone to verify your identity. This new technology will expand to hundreds of Wells Fargo and Chase owned ATMs by the end of 2016. Security measures are still in place, as you’ll be asked for your fingerprint (on your phone), and your PIN (on the ATM). Read more about when you’ll see a cardless reader in your neighborhood.

Amazon provides shareable streaming content
Amazon has thrown their hat into the video publishing ring. On May 10th, Amazon launched Video Direct. This new service allows creators to share content for a cut of the revenue generated – similar to the service that YouTube Direct recently released. What does this mean for you? It means a new streaming service to watch which will include thousands of independent film and television titles.

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