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Boombotix origins and innovations

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Boombot speaker - side

When Lief Storer rode his bike through the city, he realized he needed a more comfortable and travel-safe alternative to wearing headphones. Headphones were not only clunky and pulled on his ears when he was on his bicycle, but they’d block any siren or oncoming car noises which he might need to react to for safety.

In response, Lief built an alternative speaker for his music using a Japanese toy, the interior of a speaker, and a walkie-talkie clip. With Storer’s invention, the Boombotix brand was born with a mission to “to design innovative, high-quality, portable audio for life in motion.”

Because these speakers were designed with motion and street use in mind, they’re durable, yet their sound is clear and precise. They also have built-in connectivity with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many other mobile devices.

The Boombot Pro is one of four Boombotix designs that sets itself apart from other options because of its high-quality and wearable features. Two of the most prominent innovations of the Boombot Pro is the waterproof exterior with built-in flash storage and the stylish clip-on design, perfect for on-the-go style.

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