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I’ve been following Pokémon Go for about a year, and I was always very skeptical. Originally I was skeptical about the lack of any actual footage of what the game would look like, and later I was skeptical about a lack of concrete information regarding the game.

At this year’s E3, they explained everything.

But to me, what they were describing was too small and overly-simplified to be fun. And when it came out, I only downloaded it to give myself further proof that it was bad - so that when I trashed it with my friends I had a little bit of credibility.

Now I play it every day, and I love it! So what happened?

Pokemon Go ad

Participation is infectious. I stepped out, the second day after its release, and there were people everywhere. I often frequent parks and bike trails around me, so I can confirm that the population of these places tripled after the Pokémon Go release. Everywhere I looked, people were playing this game.

Some people try to be discreet, but there are three ways to tell if someone is playing Pokémon Go:

  1. There’s a disproportionately large amount of people all sitting around a piece of public art or signage and not actually looking at the object.
  2. They are staring at their smartphone screen and shuffling around.
  3. They are holding their phone, but pointedly not looking at it. (These are the most deceptive players, since they rely on their phone to vibrate once they near a Pokémon.)

Pokemon Go quickly became part of my lifestyle

Pokemon Go 2

I hope this is encouraging; you don’t have to play it non-stop to participate. About once a day, when I’ve got some free time, I hop on my bike and ride for a couple hours. I hold my phone in my hand, only stopping to catch any stray Pokémon I happen to pass, or to interact with an apparent Pokestop. When I need a break, I look for a Pokestop that’s “luring” – an effect that causes more Pokémon, and thus also players, to congregate. This is fun, because I get to chat with other people who are enthusiastic about the game. And then I ride home. The exercise is good for me, and it’s something I would do anyway, but maybe only half as often. I never would’ve dreamt I’d be spending multiple hours exercising every day for fun.

Would I recommend it?
Well, it depends. If you really like Pokémon, there’s a good chance you’ll like it. If you really like exercise, it could be a fun distraction while you’re out. I’ve seen a lot of out-of-shape Pokémon fans exercising for the first time in years, and I’ve also seen a lot of jogging friends playing it, even though they have no interest in Pokémon.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, significantly more successful and ground-breaking than I ever expected. Consider me sold. *

* Editor’s Note: This is one player’s personal opinion, which in no way reflects the thoughts or opinions of TCC.

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