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A friend recently flew into town, so in my rush to clean my house, I ended up downloading a handful of apps that the most recent TCC Talk had recommended for a good spring cleaning. After my experience, I recommend trying one or two of these same smartphone apps to make your life a bit more streamlined.

I have a lot of old financial paperwork in my house that I hate getting rid of. With the Evernote Scannable app, it helped relieve any worries I had about throwing out my bank statement from 2007. All you do is point your smartphone camera at the paper you would like to document, upload it, and then Scannable converts the photo into a pdg or jpg file. You can throw the paper in the recycling bin and keep the image forever.

If you want to use an app that is geared more towards saving children’s artwork that you just hate getting rid of, I would recommend the ArtKive app. This award-winning app saves and stores any of your most favorite arts and crafts projects your children have created. My favorite part of this app is after you’ve created a profile and saved enough photos, you can get those pictures printed into a hardcover book, smartphone case, blankets, and pretty much anything else.

One area of my house that always needs constant upkeep and organization is my closet. I accumulate a lot of clothes throughout the year, and I found out quickly that the ThredUp app is a great solution to an unorganized closet. You can get rid of clothes and get paid to do it. Or if you want to do some second-hand shopping and get up to 90% off retail price, this app is a great destination as well.

Another area that is constantly getting stuffed with unwanted items is my mailbox. So when I found out that you can unsubscribe from getting those annoying paper ads in your mailbox, I was thrilled! Simply take a photo of any unwanted advertising mail, and the PaperKarma app will automatically contact the mailer to cancel any future mailbox ads from coming to your address.

If you are looking to set reminders for yourself to stayed organized more regularly, download the Wunderlust app. This app will prevent you from scrambling to clean the house when you realize a friend is coming in for a visit because you can set dates and reminders to your list of tasks to get them done in ample enough time. You can also share your lists with friends or family to collaborate.

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