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Sling TV: One user's review of the streaming service

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Nowadays, there are a lot of television entertainment options worth trying in lieu of old-fashioned cable television. Streaming video services are popping up everywhere, but our personal favorite is Sling TV. Recently, we received an enthusiastic review of Sling TV from Josh Nielson, who has been using the service for a couple of years now. We’ve decided to let this Sling TV review speak for itself.

moving Sling TV

Josh's Sling TV Story

“Two years ago, I was going through the somewhat stressful process of moving. It was made even more stressful because I had to be out of my current house two months before my new house was ready.  This two-month gap was why I couldn't just transfer my existing Xfinity service. I was told that to transfer, I’d have to cancel Xfinity and later re-sign up, paying all the set-up fees a second time around."

Cost efficiency of Sling TV

"It was about this time that I also noticed that I was paying around $215/month for this service, which surprised me.  I thought back to how much television I was actually watching. At that point, I was traveling for work approximately 2.5 weeks a month, and when I was home I rarely had the time to watch television.  Needless to say, the $215 month seemed high, considering it was mainly my kids who were the Xfinity service.

After I realized that not only was the Xfinity service too expensive, but it wasn’t being used, I started researching alternative avenues. Soon after I began exploring cord-cutting options, I came across Sling TV. It had just recently launched and it was cost-effective, so I decided to give it a try."

Addressing the complaints

"In my research, I had heard two complaints about Sling. One is that the interface isn’t user-friendly, and the second is the application is slow to load.  Luckily, I've not experienced either of these issues in the two years I’ve had Sling TV.

streaming television Sling TVIn my opinion, these are likely the result of customers using a slow internet or home router. The coordination between router and Sling TV lets consumers stream multiple HD signals without stuttering. Because local cable-provided routers are absolutely terrible, I recommend consumers upgrade to a solid router that can stream multiple sources of HD-quality material."

Making the decision

"In the end, I choose Sling TV for the cost-savings and portability. If I was traveling, I'd watch Sling on a phone or tablet. This versatile streaming service was accessible from my home with minimal set-up. Moreover, I can safely say that it runs smoothly on three TV's in my house."

Connecting Sling TV to the home

"To access Sling on my home televisions, I use a 100-megabyte connection from Xfinity with a Netgear Wireless AC-5300 router.  Wireless AC routers are specifically designed to work with the latest TV, phone and tablets to stream multiple simultaneous HD signals without stuttering.

kids watching Sling TV

I use a combination of devices to connect my TV’s to Sling TV - ranging from a Nexus Player, an Xbox One, and a Roku Streaming Stick. In all, we use HD Over The Air (OTA) antennas to access everything: local channels, Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.  Using this set-up, I was able to lower my monthly cost from $215 to $97.  And I feel I have access to more variety than regular cable access.

Sports programming is often a big reason people keep cable, as it hard to watch their favorite teams.  While I don't get BTN or Fox Sports, I get a majority of the games on the provided channels from Sling. I love the sports that Sling provides, on ESPN, ESPN 2, TBS, and TNT. And of course, my kids love watching Disney on Sling.”

We agree, Josh. Fortunately, Sling TV offers a nice variety of streaming content to keep everyone in the family happy and entertained. If you want to learn more about this streaming option, we recommend going to the Sling TV website. The era of cable is gone – choose the smarter option, Sling TV.

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