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Samsung is humming

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We all have memories of putting on our fanciest dress-up outfit and belting out a fabulous show tune in front of the bathroom mirror... or something like that. And yeah, sure, we’ve all had wild dreams of becoming a world-famous singer, however improbable.

And technology won’t be the reason we never become the next Beyoncé. In fact, smartphone apps have assisted in advancing our musical aspirations quite a bit in recent years. Smule’s Songify was one of the first smartphone apps people could download to produce their own songs. But Songify requires actual singing – making some app-user’s resulting creations not so great to listen to.

Well, Samsung has just announced that they’ve created an app that will make music out of your humming. It is still in the development phase, but Samsung said that they hope the app will work like this: You tap the record button, hum a few bars, and the humming app will convert it into musical notation and play it back for you in midi-form.

This humming app could turn the music industry on its ear! People won’t need an ear for music to write songs with this new humming app.

A developer for the currently named Hum On! app showed it off in a short demo at the South by Southwest festival this year. He hummed a few notes into a Samsung smartphone and they were perfectly reproduced on the screen.

Hum On! doesn’t have a release date yet – probably because there are some kinks that still need to be ironed out. But we think it will be at the top of the app charts when it does.


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