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samsung fast charge battery pack

Over the past few years, the technology housed in our smartphones has increased exponentially. We now have curved screens, fingerprint scanners, heart rate sensors, high resolution displays, enhanced Bluetooth functionality, and voice recognition software; the list goes on and on. In order to power all these great features, battery size has been increased, but they didn’t stop there. Many new smartphones are equipped with Fast Charge technology, also known as Quick Charge. I recently swapped my normal wall charger for two Samsung Fast Charging products in order to gain a better understanding of how this technology works and the benefits these products add.

The first product I used was the Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand. I was able to charge my S6 Edge Plus from 20% battery to 100% in about 90 minutes*. For comparison, charging via USB from the same 20% to 100% took around 70 minutes*. While the wireless charging took a little longer than traditional charging, there are no cords to continually plug-in to your phone’s USB port. I’ve worn out the charging port in every smartphone I’ve owned, which turns into this annoying game of trying to position the cable just right in order to charge the battery. I tested two S6 Edge Plus phones and a Note 5, all with different case brands/sizes and each device charged with no issues. Overall, I was very impressed with the charging stand— and wireless charging overall— and will be placing one of these at home and one at the office.


The second product I tested was the Samsung Fast Charge Battery Pack (5.1A). Using the Adaptive Fast Charger, the battery pack fully charged in around 2 hours. Surprisingly, the battery pack charged my S6 Edge Plus from 20% to 100% in around 60 minutes*, quicker than the wall charger. There are four LED lights at the top of the battery that show amount of life left and that one charge used up ¾ of the battery. In my opinion, the uses for this are limitless. We use our smartphones for so much these days. That constant usage takes a toll on the battery. The ability to recharge my device in around an hour, no matter where I am, is fantastic. The only knock I have on this particular battery is the weight. Though it is quite small in size, there is a decent amount of weight to it. I’m not sure I would want to carry it in my pocket all day long, but it would go completely unnoticed inside of a backpack or purse.

We look forward to each new device launch to see what new gadgets and features will be included. Even though Fast Charge technology may not get as much attention as the curved screens or HD displays, the ability to completely recharge our devices, wirelessly—and in 90 minutes or less—is one of the more impressive features I’ve experienced because it allows these uber-functional devices to be used, continuously, without being tied to a charger for hours at a time.

*Actual charge times may vary depending on device

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