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Rock, paper, scissors, and Android

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Android, the company that creates the operating system many of our phones rely on, presented one of the more memorable commercials of the evening during the Academy Awards’ television broadcast.

The commercial opens up on an animated school hall setting, with assorted desk tools playing as students. We are quickly introduced to a frightened sheet of paper, who is saved from paper bullies by a pair of scissors. The paper and scissors become fast friends when they run into a rock being bullied by bigger rocks. The once-frightened paper becomes brave and walks up behind the little rock to frighten off his bullies. The three schoolmates go on to play and have fun together.

Many agree the ad is feel-good marketing at it’s very best. You’ve watched those mushy Dove and Cheerio commercials. You know…the ones where you end up weeping into a pint of ice cream by the time it’s over. Android’s “Rock, Paper, Scissors” fits perfectly into this hits-you-right-in-the-feels category.

And unlike most commercials, this one is memorable enough to talk about.

To watch the commercial in its entirety, click here or watch below. Stop by your local TCC store to find out more about all of our android device options.

rock, paper, scissors, Android

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