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10 great reasons to cut the (cable) cord

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Are you thinking of quitting cable? There are numerous television entertainment options in the market worth trying instead of cable television. Streaming video services are popping up everywhere. Here are a few reasons (in no particular order) to consider swapping cable for something better.

streaming video


Sure, cable includes hundreds of different channels with hundreds of different viewing options, depending on the time of the day. But unfortunately, you’ve probably spent hours flipping between channels, trying to find something interesting to watch. With streaming television, you have more variety. With this extra variety, you gain more control over what you watch at any given time and you gain access to more content variation.


Chances are, there have been numerous times where you shut your television off in frustration because you couldn’t find something good to watch. Frustration ensues because you feel hassled that you’re paying for a service that you can’t use effectively.


Have you ever thought about the time you dedicate to channel surfing? Or have you thought about the time you dedicate to waiting on hold to speak to a cable representative? This time could be better spent exploring all the video options available to you through streaming services. You’ll spend that time in a happier mood if you have streaming video.

Live Television

Many cable channels offer live television and open access networks. But with so many cable channels airing so many live television shows, you barely have time to set your DVR to record. However, if you choose a streaming service like Sling TV, you’ll get access to whichever specific live TV show you want, along with ease of watching it on your own time.


It’s plain to see that cable costs continually grow each year, despite the technology staying the same. Specific cable channels like HBO and Starz can comprise much of the cost on your cable bill. Before you know it, your cable bill can approach $100 or more. However, you might be surprised to find out that many streaming video services cost less than $20 a month.


How many times have you found yourself watching network television in the afternoon and realized the quality of television isn’t great? Sometimes the image is blurry or the graphics seem old. You won’t encounter this problem with streaming television, because everything is digitized when it is placed on the internet. With digital streaming television, you’ll never encounter a fuzzy picture again.

streaming television

Original programming

Many streaming television options have jumpstarted original content, which they often feature alongside acquired content. In fact, so many streaming channels have received awards for their original content that it is changing the landscape of what content is popular.


Sometimes cable seems to offer nothing but technical difficulties, price hikes, or other issues. This added burden surrounding cable can cause stress and frustration. Why get frustrated with cable when there is less likelihood of running into these problems with streaming?

No more ads

That’s right! When you switch from paid television to streaming video, you will cut down drastically on your chances of having to sit through another 30-second or longer commercial. Many streaming services have both free and paid versions – and the paid versions feature the luxury of no ads.


Once you cut the cable cord, you’ll gain a new sense of independence. This is because you’ll never have to give another hard-earned penny or another second of time to the broken cable system. With cable, you are paying for hundreds of channels of television that you physically can’t watch. Live free with thousands of streaming choices that you can watch on your own time.

Streaming television options are now available anywhere on the internet. Some of the more well-known choices include Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. If you still want to stay on top of live television, we recommend Sling TV. The era of cable is gone – choose the smarter option, streaming.

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