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Have you watched a commercial for the newest cellphone technology and thought, “there is no way I would ever understand how to work a contraption like that”? Or have you wondered, “which cellphone should I get?” or “which phone is best for me?”

Well, we noticed some of our customers acting a little hesitant around new technology, like when they were looking at which smartphone to buy.

In response to this, we released a new customer service feature in January 2016 named Ready? Go! This initiative began with the idea that we wanted new smartphone users to feel comfortable with their new phone and tablet purchases.

Customers can choose to get a Ready? Go! experience when they buy or activate a new smartphone. With Ready? Go! a TCC sales representative will dedicate 10 to 20 minutes to walk a customer through how to use their new device. The rep will also install and explain the Verizon cloud, and how it works, install and explain how to use emails on a smartphone, perform a phonebook transfer – which includes a full contact transfer of the old smartphone to the new smartphone, screen protector installation (if the customer purchased a screen protector), and a $10 off coupon on a $20 accessory purchase after 30 days.

We’re already hearing a lot of positive reviews back from customers that chose the Ready? Go! experience. Allison Kitchens, a recent Ready? Go! participant said, “Quinn [my representative] was amazing! So patient and thorough, making sure everything transferred over from my old to the new phone. … He made sure all [was] done and phone [was] working!”

“We, here at TCC, are already seeing a lot of happy customers that appear to directly correspond to the number of people who have chosen to get the Ready? Go! service,” said Tim Moorehead, one of the brains behind Ready? Go!’s creation. “We wanted to create a service that not only encourages customers to learn more about their new phone, but welcomes them to ask questions and actively build a relationship with our TCC representatives.”

The Ready? Go! option is still a new feature in stores, but it looks like it will be a service that will continue to make customers happy and more at ease with switching over to new smartphones. Visit your community TCC store to learn more.

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