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Protect your tech and your health with BioArmor

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Dirty hands, dirty tech

Our hands are magnets for microbes because we are always touching dirty objects: door knobs, faucets, keyboards, phones, you name it. Those nasty germs easily transfer from our dirty hands to the smartphones we interact with every day, no matter how conscious or clean we try to be.

In fact, over two million germs live on our cellphones. If you didn’t already know that disturbing fact, try not to be too grossed out. There is finally a solution to this nasty problem.

Silver is cleanly

Did you know silver has been used for centuries to combat bacteria, fungus, and mold growth? Over at BioArmor, they asked themselves, "couldn't it fight germs on our phones too?" It can, which is why BioArmor incorporates silver directly into their glass screen protectors to fight germs that come in contact with a phone’s surface.

According to BioArmor, independent researchers have certified their screen protector to ISO Standard 22196:2011 – which means you can trust that your phone will stay germ-free.

Women washing hands in white sink good suds

Specialized glass

It’s also important to note that BioArmor’s screen protection is made with Gorilla Glass, which is two times stronger than regular tempered glass. Because it’s patented, Gorilla has been rated 9H for hardness, meaning it’s resistant to direct impact breaks and scratches.

BioArmor with ease

Oh, and one last thing to think about: BioArmor is incredibly easy to apply to your phone’s surface. You won’t find those annoying bubbles on your screen after you apply these screen protectors.

Ready to protect your health and your phone at the same time? Stop by a nearby TCC store to get a BioArmor screen protector for your iPhone or Android device today.



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