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Strangers logoPodcasts, or digital broadcasts, cover a wide variety of subject matter – ranging from comedy, horror, fantasy, news shows, reviews, and more. Because there are literally millions of narrative and engaging shows, we’ll explore a variety of listener favorite podcasts to make it easier for you to find something you’ll enjoy. Read more about our favorite podcasts here.

You know that old proverb that says, “Don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes”?

Well, the Strangers podcast takes that proverb and turns it on its ear. Host Lea Thau guides listeners through stories and interviews with interesting people we’ve never met. After listening to an episode, you’ll wonder if you truly even know yourself.

Having won awards and gained accolades for her previous work as Director of The Moth podcast series, Thau doesn’t faulter from her storytelling past as she introduces listeners to Strangers.

Strangers host, Lea Thau

Last year, Thau did a series of episodes called "Love Hurts" which centers around her own personal love life. She went back to her ex-boyfriends and past loves and asked the hard questions. She bares her past regrets, she discusses how she has been hurt, and she questions whether she will ever find someone to love and be with. The series ends with a sweet twist.

Another memorable episode, which eventually turned into three, was about Jenny, a young woman facing terminal cancer. Jenny’s unbreakable positivity had a magnetizing effect on listeners, so Thau went back and visited her a few times. Each visit brought another episode about Jenny’s determined spirit. And when Jenny passed away early in 2016, all of Strangers’ listeners were left heartbroken. Jenny was no longer a stranger.

We don’t want to give you the wrong impression, though. Not all of the episodes are focused on heavy subject matter. Some lighter and funnier episodes include “American Morman – International Mr. Leather,” “Big Jim and Smokey Joe,” and “Gay Talese: Committed Voyeur.”

If you enjoy hearing people’s stories and exploring personal subjects, you’ll want to subscribe to the Strangers podcast. Be sure to go to your Podcast App, go to the Search option in the lower right section of your smartphone or tablet’s screen, and type in Strangers.

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