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jad and robert

Podcasts cover a wide variety of subject matter – ranging from comedy, horror, fantasy, news shows, reviews, and more. Because there are millions of shows, we’re here to help you explore a variety of listener favorite podcasts to make it easier for you to find something you’ll enjoy.

Radiolab is one of the most popular broadcasts in the Podcast app. The Radiolab podcast is about philosophy, but with a scientific flair. Hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich take listeners on an audio journey in each episdode.

Every show offers a unique perspective on the history of that episode’s subject, along with guest speakers, scientific evidence, and flawless audio enhancements. The show was originally produced for National Public Radio (NPR), and shortly thereafter became available in podcast form. Some memorable episodes to visit for a first-timer are:

• “Morality” – In this Season 2 episode, Robert and Jad visit a state penitentiary, watch three-year-olds argue over toys, and feed chimps berries. Their efforts are rewarded with a bit more understanding surrounding our beliefs in what is wrong and what is right.

• “After Life” – Not being able to say it any better, this Season 6-episode description will be quoted directly from the Radiolab website. “What happens at the moment when we slip from the other side? Is it a moment? If it is, when exactly does it happen? And what happens afterward? It's a show of questions that don't have easy answers. So, in a slight departure from our regular format, we bring you eleven meditations on how, when, and even if we die.”
• “The Good Show” – Much of the time, people think that other living things are fueled by competition. But in this Season 9 episode, Jad and Robert talk to guests like Robert Axelrod and Richard Dawkins about what causes kindness and sharing in the animal and plant world. Does our Mother Earth reward cooperation?
• “Blood” – Jad and Robert explore the memorizing draw of our life source, blood, in this Season 12 episode. They move from the topic of medicine to movies and bring in experts on a variety of topics tying to the red liquid that runs through our veins.

To download, go to your Podcast App, go to the Search option in the lower right section of your smartphone or tablet’s screen, and type in “Radiolab”. Another sure-fire way to find the podcast is to go to the Top Charts section of the Podcasts app. Radiolab is consistently at or near the top ranking podcasts produced.

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