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Do you have the right phone charger?

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Did you know that every charger works differently in conjunction with every phone? Different devices require more or less amperage than others, and chargers are made with differences in power to match needed device amperage. For example, an iPhone only needs 1.0 amps of input to charge efficiently, while an iPad Air needs 2.4 amps. Amperage is the strength of an electric current, or simply the charging power.

You have a different power footprint depending on what type of device you have, meaning that a device with more capabilities will require more power for it to be fully charged and vice versa.

What many people don’t realize is that in order for a device to charge efficiently, a certain charger must be used. One tell-tale sign you’re using the wrong charger is if you are waiting hours on end for your phone to charge. Believe it or not, your phone should charge fully within three hours or less.

Think about this: If it takes your iPad charger three hours to fully charge your iPad, attempting to charge an iPad with an iPhone charger would take nearly double the time to charge. This is because an iPhone charger has nearly half of the amps that an iPad charger has, proving that using the correct charger is essential for effective charging of any device.

Most companies include a charger with device purchases. These chargers are the best to use because they will have the correct amperage ratio for your device. If you do, however, need to shop for a new charger, be sure to look at the charger capabilities listed on the product’s box. You need to ensure that the alternative charger has specific and sufficient amperage for your device; a simple way to do this is to check if the charger is approved by your phone’s manufacturer.

If you are looking for a way to escape typical charging time and charge your device in minutes, check out Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging Wall Charger. Typical chargers use 1 Amp output; however, this Samsung charger has a standard output of 2 Amps. With this power and the use of Fast Charge technology, this charger can take a device from 0% battery life to 50% in 30 minutes.

Be sure to ask your TCC sales representative about what charger will work with your phone specifically.

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