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Otterbox has launched a new line of cases, calling it their toughest Defender Series to hit stores. As all Otterbox cases are already drop-proof, how is it possible to create cases that are stronger than the ones released in previous years?

The Defender Series has been through the wringer to ensure quality that can keep up with even the most active lifestyle. Otterbox lab-tested the ruggedness of this series by putting all of their Defenders through the Drop + Protection program. This program included abrasion tests, drop tests, thermal shock tests, UV tests, humidity tests, voice command recognition tests, camera tests, and yes, even hand lotion resistance tests.

The Defender Series works in tandem with multiple brands; including Apple, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola, and Samsung. This means the newest Defender is compatible with devices such as the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus, iPhone 5/5s/SE, iPad Air, and iPad Air 2.

Defender cases are fully customizable. You can keep it simple by choosing one of the ten available case colors, or select from more intricate choices including sports team logos and nature graphics.

Another feature that comes with Defender Series cases is the removable holster. This holster gives you the ability to clip your phone onto your belt or purse for easy access to your device. The clip can easily convert to a kickstand so you can watch videos and play games.

Along with the customizability and holster functionality, the Defender Series features “quad-layer defense,” or four layers of protection.defender series pink

  • Layer one: The built-in screen cover. Like most screen covers, the Otterbox’s is clear, thin, and sticks directly to the screen of your device. What’s different is that this scratch-proof, shatter-proof screen cover is sided with a plastic that surrounds front screen edges.
  • Layer two: The foam buffer. No need to worry if you accidentally drop your device. The foam buffer ensures the prevention of glitches to your device’s operating system.
  • Layer three: The shell. This part of the Defender cradles your device like a glove, providing extra rubber padding and bounce to falls.
  • Layer four: The slip. The bottom layer of the Defense case not only keeps dirt and dust from penetrating your device, but also absorbs the shock of a drop.

You’d think the cases would be big and bulky with all those layers right? Wrong. Otterbox didn’t compromise when the Defender Series was created. You can see its newly sleek design when you pick it up. These case were built to fit comfortably into your back pocket.

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