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Real art from Riley kids

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Nina McCrary

Our Culture of Good recently partnered with the Riley Children’s Foundation to sponsor and celebrate the creativity of the children at the Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. The resulting microfiber cloths spotlight the inspirational artwork of nine child artists with ties to Riley. In this Riley blog series, we’ll delve deeper into each artist’s story and how that might inspire their artwork. Here is Nina McCrary’s story:

About Nina McCrary

Nina was born and grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana – which happens to be the same town that the Riley Children’s Hospital is located. Nina was born with a rare genetic variant inside her mitochondrial DNA. She has been going to the muscular dystrophy clinic at Riley to get treatments. Nina and her parents credit the genetic counselors, the muscular dystrophy clinic at Riley, and Dr. Laurence Walsh with making sure Nina can do the same things as any kid her age. Because she leads a typical life, she loves to dance and sing in the children’s choir at her church.

Nina's balloon

Nina's art

Nina’s special artwork, pictured above, features a red and blue striped hot air balloon with a big yellow star smack dab in the middle. The balloon shares space with two other red, blue, and yellow balloons, further off in the background. The sky is blue, and the drawing is playful and care-free.

TCC is pleased to offer Nina’s artwork on a microfiber cloth. You can immediately see which cloth is Nina’s because the container also features the balloon art, her name, and story.

Check back on the TCC Talk blog for stories about each Riley child and the artwork they created. 100% of all microfiber cloth sales goes back to Riley Hospital. So don’t forget to go to your neighborhood TCC store to choose your favorite microfiber cloth.

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