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Real art from Riley kids

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The Riley Children’s Foundation recently collaborated with Our Culture of Good to promote and celebrate the creativity of the children at the Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. The resulting microfiber cloths spotlight the inspirational artwork of nine child artists with ties to Riley. In this Riley blog series, we’ll burrow deeper into each artist’s story and how that might inspire their artwork. Here is Layla Cunningham’s story:

Layla's story

Layla at prom

Layla hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, which turned out to be a fortuitous place to live a few years later. You see, when Layla turned four years old, doctors diagnosed her with a brain tumor at Riley Hospital, only a few miles away from her home. Six years later, doctors diagnosed ten-year-old Layla with kidney cancer. Fortunately, Layla’s cancer has been removed and she is doing well.

Layla’s spunk and sass shines through her colorful artwork. She also smiles and laughs when she sings, dances, and makes special hand-drawn cards for those she loves the most. She loves seeing smiles on her friends and family’s faces. Two years ago, she enjoyed her very first Riley Cancer Center Prom.

“Possessing a healthy imagination is a necessary ingredient for creativity.”
- Steve Vai

Layla's artwork

Layla art

The range of bright colors on the butterflies’ wings highlight Layla’s big personality. The level of detail that Layla brought to her artwork is head-turning, as you can clearly see a unique design on each wing of the butterfly. The hearts and flowers surrounding the flying insect create an overall feeling of comfort and peace. TCC is pleased to offer Layla’s artwork on a microfiber cloth. You can immediately see which cloth is Layla’s because the container also features the butterfly art, her name, and story.

Check back on the TCC Talk blog for stories about each Riley child and the artwork they created. 100% of all microfiber cloth sales goes back to Riley Hospital. So don’t forget to go to your neighborhood TCC store to choose your favorite microfiber cloth.

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