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Why you should install iOS 10 today

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Apple's newest Operating System has dropped, and we haven't seen an involved update such as this in over four years. The iOS 10 update is made specifically for iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini 2, iPad Pro range, iPod touch (6th generation), and anything more recent. Not only does Messages receive a complete overhaul, but Apple Maps gets some badly needed changes, and Photos even gets an organizational revamp. Let’s review all the changes to determine if it’s worth your time to download.


ios-10-messages-notification1) Send handwritten messages, music, videos, or gifs easily by taping on the right icon that looks like a compass or “A”.

2) Certain phrases cause animations to take over the screen. Try typing “happy Birthday” to your friend, balloons will appear.

3) Send a message/photo that is hidden until swiped.

4) Tapback allows you to ‘like’, love, laugh, or exclaim in response to any text. Just double-tap on the text you want to emotionally respond to. The love, like, dislike, and other buttons pop up for you to then tap.

5) Add your sketches, doodles, or personal touch to any video or picture as an overlay. Click the camera icon in the text box, pic the image you want to send, then tap the image in the text box (before you tap send). This opens up the editing box with customization features at the bottom of the screen.

6) Apps are integrated into Messages. Now you can reserve a seat in OpenTable or send cash through SquareCash without leaving your Messages.


7) Set your normal mode of transport – driving, walking, or transit in Settings > Maps menu.

ios 10 maps

8) Avoiding hassles like toll roads, construction, and slowed traffic.

9) Pause spoken audio during Map directions so you don’t miss your podcast or audiobook.

10) Include transit directions into your go-to settings under Transit.

11) Toggle “Show Parked Location” in settings to see your parked car on the map, so you’ll never lose your spot.

12) Apple extensions settings integrates apps like Lyft, Uber, OpenTable, and Yelp to reserve a table, read restaurant reviews, or catch a ride to your friend’s house – without leaving Maps.


13) Memories automatically organizes your photos into slideshows based on locations and times of your photos in your Camera Roll. Just tap the bottom middle button in your Camera Roll called “Memories”.

14) A new search function within your Camera Roll lets you look up pictures that match certain people or places, or even things like “sports” “beach” or “water”.


15) Now you can edit a Live photo without converting it into regular photo form.

16) Draw hearts, smiley faces, or whatever you’d like on photos in your Camera Roll by going into the editing features and tapping “Markup”.

17) Set your camera to be a magnifying lens through Settings> General > Accessibility > Magnifier, then just triple tap the home button whenever you want to use it.


18) Now has a transcription feature, so you can read the contents of a voicemail while in a meeting instead of actually listening to sometimes long messages.


19) iOS 10 CallKit has been overhauled. Apps that block spam callers (like Hiya) work with CallKit to alert you to fraud calls, while Facebook Messenger now supports CallKit, which then allows calls in CarPlay.

20) Create a custom block list of phone numbers that are spammers or even enemies.

21) Save voicemails directly to AirDrop, Dropbox, iMessage, iCloud Drive, or other places with the tap of a button.


22) Apple can suggest events based off information in your Mail or Messages. You can turn this feature off through Settings > Calendar > Events Found in Apps.

23) Calendar will now alert you when to leave for your event based on the event’s location and traffic, so you’ll never be late.

Read more updates to the iOS 10 inside this helpful Forbes article. There are also plenty of updates to the actual Settings menu, read the details of which inside Mac World website. Just as a note, we've heard feedback that this Operating System update can take a while to fully download on your phone. Be sure to set aside a 45 minute block of time before downloading.

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