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How to use an iPhone camera

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One of the best features of the iPhone is the camera app. The iPhone 6s, released in the fall of 2015, offers a 12 megapixel camera. Whether you use your iPhone every day, or you still aren’t sure how to find the camera app on your iPhone, there is always good reason to learn something new about the iPhone camera.

Finding the Camera app

iPhone camera

There are three ways you can access the camera app on your iPhone. The first, and easiest, path to using your camera to click on the silver and black camera icon that comes automatically installed on your phone. Another access route is to touch and swipe upwards on the white camera icon on the bottom right corner of your locked screen. The third way to open your camera app is to swipe upwards from the bottom middle of your screen, in both lock and unlock modes, then press the black camera icon on the bottom right corner of the menu that pops up.

Take a picture

Once your camera app is open, you can take a photo quickly by just pressing the white button in the bottom middle of the phone. You can also click a photo by pressing either the up volume or the down volume buttons.

You can choose to hold your camera in whichever direction you want to capture the footage that you want. Your camera will automatically detect whether you are holding your phone vertically or horizontally. And you can also change the way the camera faces, by pressing the camera button with the circle arrows in the top right corner of your camera app screen. Tapping this icon will change the camera back and forth from front-facing to back-facing. Back-facing camera usage is perfect for taking the best selfies!

Modes of use

taking iPhone picture of mountains

There are a handful of different modes you can put your camera in to create different photos and even shoot video. You can access these different modes by either tapping or swiping on the words slightly above the white camera click button.

• Video: Allows you to shoot videos of any length. Remember that the longer the video, the more memory it takes, the harder it is to text or email to a friend.
• Slo-Mo: Allows you to access slow-motion video
• Square: Which automatically crops your photos into a square pattern.
• Pano: This mode allows you to take a panoramic picture, perfect for vacation landscapes. Just make sure you hold the phone/camera horizontally and making sure you follow the arrow as closely to the line as possible when shooting the panoramic photo.

Perfect lighting

Your iPhone camera also has the ability to flash in low-light environments. To access the flash settings on your camera, click on the lightning bolt icon in the top left of your camera app screen. This will open up to different settings you can choose from:
• On auto mode, the lightning bolt will remain white. This means that the flash will only flash if the phone detects that it’s too dark, otherwise, there will be no flash.
• If you select On, the lightning bolt will be yellow, and the flash will flash every time you take a picture. If you do this while on video mode, the flash will be on the entire duration you are filming.
• If you select Off, the lightning bolt will be white with a slash through it. The flash will never fire when it is set to Off.

Accessing photos afterwards

After you’ve taken the pictures you’ve always wanted to take, you can access these photos by clicking on the rectangle showing the last photo you’ve just taken, which is in the bottom left corner of your camera app. From here, you can swipe left and right to see all the pictures you’ve taken. You can also access all your photos by clicking on the photos app that is usually located directly next to the camera app in your phone. This will give you access to all your photos, which is where you can edit them with filters, lighting, coloring, and cropping options.

Learning how to use your iPhone’s camera will make your daily life even easier. It’s easy to incorporate snapping quick pictures to preserve memories, ideas, and moments. We will continue to bring you how-to blogs about how to use your iPhone as part of our Smartphone University program.

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