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How to use an Android camera

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One of the most popular trends of the past ten years is to take a selfie, or a picture of yourself on your phone’s camera. Your Android’s camera offers a great, quality photo-taking application. Whether you use your camera on a daily basis or you’re just learning how to use the Camera app, this is the perfect opportunity to review the Android camera app and all of its capabilities.

Take a picture

Sony camera - android

The Android smartphone camera’s app can be found in the default bar at the bottom of your phone’s screen. You can also open your camera by opening the app in the apps section.

When your camera app opens up, you will see several options for Gear. These different features allow you to customize the kind of picture you take; from putting grids on the screen, to setting a self-timer, to setting up a cheese shutter button – which allows you to take a pic by just saying the word “cheese.” Both W10M and HDR are a couple more options in your Gear box. W10M gives you the ability to change the aspect ratio on your camera/video screen, and HDR combines photos taken at different exposures for one optimal photo.

Modes of use

android taking picture

There are also five modes which you can set your camera to; auto, magic, focus, panorama, and dual. Magic mode allows you to change the focus of the picture by tapping on an object in the image.

You can switch your camera to be forward-facing or back-facing. Back-facing mode is perfect for selfies. To switch between these two, tap on the camera icon with the two arrows. If your camera is in front-facing mode, you can only use the auto and dual modes of your camera.

Perfect lighting

The flash feature of your camera is also incredibly nuanced, allowing you several options for every lighting environment you’ll encounter. You can even take advantage of flash on the back-facing camera, where it will shrink the preview and use light from the screen to illuminate your face. On regular camera, you can toggle between flash modes by tapping this lightning bolt icon. The lightning bolt in the crossed-out circle means the flash is off, a lightning bolt with no circle means the flash is on and will fire for every picture you take no matter the lighting, and the lightning bolt with the A next to it means the flash is on Auto. Note that you can’t control the flash if you have turned on the HDR mode on your phone, you can only use it if HDR is off or on auto.

Accessing photos afterwards

And when you’re done using your camera, just tap the curved arrow in the bottom left corner of your app, and you will exit out of camera and go back to the home screen.

You can access your photo gallery by tapping the circle in the bottom right will show you the last photo you’ve taken. Clicking it will bring you to your gallery so you can look at and edit all of your photos.

Learning how to use your Android phone’s camera will make your daily life even easier. It’s easy to incorporate snapping quick pictures to preserve memories, ideas, and moments. We will continue to bring you how-to blogs about how to use your Android as part of our Smartphone University program.

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