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Reasons to download and use the Verizon Cloud

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Verizon cloud storageWhat is Verizon Cloud?

Verizon Cloud is a back-up service that stores chosen files outside of your devices. With it, you have access to your content from multiple devices and operating systems. As a Verizon customer, you choose to use this cloud storage to keep your content safe. You may gain access to it from anywhere; including through your smartphone, tablet, and internet. Verizon customers enjoy the automatic convenience of Verizon Cloud when they get new smartphones and tablets.

How much does it cost?

Verizon customers can decide which cloud storage plan is best for their storage needs. When you sign up for a Verizon account, you have access to a free 5GB option. If you need additional storage, you can choose up to 1GB of extra storage for a monthly fee. Customers who already have a free subscription to the Back-up Assistant Plus option (which is 500 MB of storage) will automatically be upgraded to a 5GB free Verizon Cloud account. This happens when Back-up Assistant Plus users download and install the app on their smartphone.

If you're not sure how much storage is still available or how much you have used, the Verizon Cloud app features a storage meter. Users will get notifications if they approach their storage limit.

How do you access the cloud?

There are three applications providing access to the Cloud: the desktop application, the website application, and the mobile application for iOS and Android devices. To get started using Verizon Cloud, sign up for it online in My Verizon by adding it to the lines in your account. You'll need to choose the devices on your account that you want to use with Verizon Cloud and how much storage you want. Once you've confirmed your purchase, you can send a text message to your selected lines that contains a link to download the app.

Verizon cloud storage2

How do you use it on your device?

Download the Verizon Cloud app to your smartphone and tablet from My Verizon or by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play. Please note, Verizon Cloud isn't available yet for Windows smartphones or tablets.

Once you've installed the Verizon Cloud app on your devices, it will guide you through a simple set-up process. As soon as you complete this process, your contacts will automatically sync on a regular basis. Check that your contacts are syncing by going to the Verizon Cloud app > Settings, and verifying that the Contacts box is selected under "What to back up."

Choose the content you want to back up on your smartphone by going to the settings menu. You may want to select the Wi-Fi option for syncing to save your data. Or automatically back up your content to Verizon Cloud. Keep in mind that your Verizon Cloud account is connected to your individual mobile number. This means no one else on your account can sign in without your password.

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